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Tying the Knot - SC
performs services ...

Tying the Knot - SC performs services for any couple who wishes to legally marry in the State of South Carolina.

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Ceremony Types Include:

  • Non-denominational
  • Traditional
  • Spiritual
  • Handfastings

** Have a specific ceremony in mind, ask! I will probably be able to help! **

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Pricing Guidelines

Quickie Ceremony - $125

  • For couples who are having a formal ceremony later but want the legal part taken care of now
  • More intimate than a Justice of the Peace ceremony
  • Informal ceremony or just the license signing
  • Paperwork sent to the courthouse for filing afterward
  • A discount is offered for the formal ceremony, if you choose to utilize Tying the Knot - SC

Here Comes the Bride - $175

  • Consultation for ceremony setup
  • Customized ceremony with elements unique to the couple
  • Performance of the ceremony
  • Paperwork sent to the courthouse for filing afterward

Rehearsal - $100

For a "regular" ceremony, as the officiant, I am honestly not needed for the rehearsal. The rehearsal is a great way for the bride and groom to get some of the jitters out and for the bridal party to what to do and where they need to be during the ceremony. you have a wedding planner, they will be there to help you coordinate. I am not a wedding planner and while I know what needs to be done when and where, it is not my forte. If you do not have a wedding planner and would like my assistance in coordinating the ceremony during a rehearsal, if I am available I can assist.

Travel Fee - Varies

For travel outside the local Charleston area, a mileage fee may be incurred. Ask for further details.

Reserve Your Date!

** Dates reserved on first come - first served basis. Dates not guaranteed without signed contract and deposit. **